The Avatars we create

I still remember vividly that evening at the fair, I wandered around mesmerized by the vibrant colours around me , my gaze riveted on the masks that hung a few feet above my head. No two masks were alike – colourful smiling clowns, gnarled faces made of plastic, kindly faces that looked like angels…..’all tools of deception to hide the secret and sometimes wicked parts of ones intentions’ said the man with his betel stained teeth.
Years passed by and I began to understand the reasons why one cloaks the soul.
True we all wear masks….but a few wear acceptable and friendly outer faces to hide from us their dark intentions. Often we buy into that image, not realizing that this is just a dressed up front
And then someday this mask slips and you see the real person behind his edited self. it shocks us and we are clueless how to react – A low blow that causes our knees to buckle.
Which of the two is the real person – the one we knew earlier or the one we just saw behind the mask?
It takes a while to come to terms understanding or even getting to know the person behind the mask; All you can do is to Step back and take a long look at the feelings that go through your mind.
I don’t think it’s fair to judge the reasons why one needs to wear that mask. The environment at times prompts us to be aggressive, passive, disinterested or compassionate. There are millions of reasons why many people don’t want us to know the kind of people they really are. On a lighter note ……Sure the mirror is hostile enough!!
Acknowledging what I now feel has empowered me to make the decision to keep away from all the negativity this person unleashed.
But I wonder ……..Have we really evolved as people or have we only gotten more creative in inventing masks that hide the true animal inside of us.

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