This too shall Pass.

19 Sep

Not very long ago I went through the most   distressing period of my life. Everything I understood as being a part of a stable predictable existence came crashing down in front of me. People came, empathized, consoled, offered sound advice but nothing taught me how to deal with those moments of pain.

It was at this time that a friend said to me…’This too shall pass’.

I didn’t give her words much thought then, but today whenever I sit by myself reflecting on the transient nature of life, the timeless wisdom of these words echo in my head.

Nothing is here to stay forever. Both good times and bad times are fleeting. If anything is a constant – it is change.

Each time I am reminded of this impermanent nature of the world around us I realize how important the present moment is. Immersing myself into the moment I savor every bit of the present.

I am not sure if the moment will replicate itself again and so I live a little more spontaneously, steady my monkey mind as it loops in with unpleasant thoughts of the past or catapults wildly into the future.

Each time I see a beautiful sight I don’t wonder when I’ll be there again; nor do I bother to take ‘selfies’, instead I take a deep breath, soak up the beauty and relish every moment that I get

‘This too will pass’ has been a comforting mantra during tough times too. Just knowing that the pain associated with tough times will lessen gives me hope and motivates me to stay afloat when the going gets rough.

Sitting by the beach I watch the waves lash against the rocks. Each wave comes in fiercely with all its strength as if to weather the rocks with just one blow; but no sooner it breaks against the shore that it curls over and dissolves into foam. No trace left of the gigantic wave that charged in threateningly.

Such is life – even the most menacing of times will lose its intensity over time. Nothing remains the same.

So if you are in a happy state as you read this, be sure to savor it.

If you are going through a difficult time, remind yourself that it wont last forever.

Whatever the moment- beautiful or difficult; its Temporary.

Enjoy it or hang in there and endure it coz ……’This too shall pass’


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