Ageing Beautifully

27 Jul

We live in a society that emphasizes appearance and equates beauty with youth.

Is it then any wonder that so many of us spend precious time and money trying to deny the effects of ageing.

The appearance of the first wrinkle or gray strands can get some of us to begin viewing getting older as more of a handicap than a privilege.

Keeping with the societal pressure to look young and beautiful can be exhausting. Looking into the mirror wondering, ‘If only I could fix this…. I would look like I did before’, can have us reaching out for the hope that sells in jars and bottles.

Dealing with this anxiety about ageing requires a realignment of ones definitions and beliefs about beauty; Something that can be done with bit of self exploration and self acceptance.

I’ve been asking myself, How can I keep my fears aside and embrace the ageing process gracefully?  How can I be comfortable with my age and ward away society’s persuasive nudges to melt away the years?

Why allow billboards to tell me that beautiful is always young?

Why spend money and time in erasing the amazing time I’ve had on this earth?

Instead why not look at ageing as a time to sit back and enjoy life without the angst and uncertainty of youth.

Ageing is inevitable, and ignoring what you see, hear and feel is difficult, but here’s how you can make sure that you’ll be beautiful at any age


Reflect on your idea of beauty

Close your eyes and go back to the times when you’ve had a lovely time with someone you care about. As you celebrated in that moment of joy, surely you didn’t notice the saggy arms or age spots. What mattered was only the feeling you got when you were in their company. Then why do we obsess about our lines and spots when they matter so little to those who hold us close. Why should beauty be about trying to fight ageing?

Why not free ourselves from the pressure that the old definition of beauty puts us through?What if we believe that whether we are 15 or 51, Beauty is about looking healthy and feeling our best?  We need to throw away our conventional, media defined parameters of beauty and redefine our ideas on beauty.


Pay attention to that inner voice.

What is your inner dialogue telling you – the story you tell yourself daily? Is the process of ageing seen as a gift or is it one to be dreaded, where you feel you would end up being invisible? Does the word ‘Retired’ mean that your self worth has vanished? If the purpose of life is to give and enjoy happiness, then don’t let your age define what you can or can’t do. Try out new hobbies, new experiences – activities that bring you fulfillment.  Look at each new year as a year of renewed opportunities. Another year doesn’t mean decline or despair. We need to watch what we tell ourselves. We create our own reality through the dialogues we have with ourselves. So make sure they are empowering

Redefine what makes your identity

Is your identity only about the way you look, or have you included in it your accomplishments, your relationships? You have so much more to offer the world – your laughter, your creativity, your kindness, your smiles and your compassion. All these are also a part of what defines your unique beauty. Basing your identity on just your outward appearance is absurd.

All said, its only normal to love going to the salon, buying new clothes, enjoy wearing make up oe dyeing your hair. Invest in whatever makes you feel beautiful both in body and in mind. Whatever you do, do it with panache. Its that self- confidence that shines out of our faces that make us beautiful with every passing year.

Personally I have felt and looked most beautiful when I have been fully engaged in the moment, connecting with the people around me and doing what brings me satisfaction and joy. My beauty is all about my confidence and my attitude.

So, go ahead, deconstruct the Beauty myth, and redefine what beauty and ageing mean to you.




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