Girl time – The Benefits of Female Friendships

23 Apr

I snuggled into bed feeling happy, fulfilled and inspired. There’s a kind of restorative magic that unfolds in our hearts and mind after an evening out with our girlfriends

They are not just our chosen family but also a necessity for our soul…. something like ‘an apple a day’ kind of recommendation.

Girlfriend get-togethers is the ‘balm’ we women need to get through the various phases in our life.

Why are girlfriends so vital for a woman’s wellbeing?

  • They tell us the truth [Not too much of it though] Just enough to get us thinking.
  • There aren’t any taboo topics while talking to them. We can talk just about anything – if things are good, they are excited for us; if not they encourage and support us in whatever we are going through.
  • Even if we don’t say anything, they can read our mind, and never fail to show us compassion.
  • They walk with us through everything – death, divorce, illness; Being each others cheer leader, offering a helping hand and reminding us of the ‘glass half full ‘.
  • They infuse in us – energy and optimism
  • They give us courage and confidence when the going gets rough and many a time are the catalyst for bringing about a change in our lives.
  • They understand when we need to vent or talk of our fluctuating hormones. In my friends eyes I am always capable of achieving my dreams – A perspective that not just inspiring but also infectious.
  • They seem to have an answer for all our confusions, whatever they may be – the right outfit for the party or where to get the best airfare deals or the best kind of investment options. Even if they didn’t know the answers they’d figure out someone who does and direct us to them, but no issue that any one of us have will go unattended.
  • They are caring and step in to offer a helping hand during troubled times.

No doubt, during certain phases in our lives, when we are desperately trying to balance the demands placed on our time, spending time with our friends take a back seat.

In the swirling confusion of activities, we neglect them, but soon learn that it is in this circle of girlfriends – women who are woven together into a fabric that encompasses acceptance and affection, that we find our real self.

As we spend hours in cafes sipping coffee and laughing spiritedly there is warmth, encouragement, empathy, intimacy and humor at the table. Each one of us is a gift to the other and collectively we are more than the sum of our parts.

Having friends is a lot about being a good friend; Making that choice to invest our time, energy, attention or love in our friends instantaneously makes us feel brighter and bouncier.

Through the years my girlfriends have been my secret keepers, collaborators, the ones who have lovingly nudged me to make incremental changes in my life.

While I’ve waded through the amazing as well as the trying experiences of life, it is  this sisterhood that reinforces what the Head of Psychiatry at the Stanford University said –

One of the best things a man could do for his health is to be married to a woman, whereas for a woman, one of the best things she could do for her health is to nurture her relationship with her girlfriends.



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