Journaling – Introducing Yourself to You

18 Mar

The one activity that is hugely accessible to most of us, is writing.

The act of putting a pen to paper is a valuable outlet for our thoughts. It helps us work through conflicts and process our feelings in a non threatening manner.

No doubt talking with a friend could be better but not always do we have that someone with whom we can talk about all our inner most thoughts and feelings. That’s when our journal can become our confidante – being privy to all our struggles and fears in a non judgmental fashion.

When our thoughts are out of our head and onto paper, the confusion and internal jumble seem so much clearer.

Writing regularly has its benefits.

  • It makes you aware of your feelings and wellbeing. With time you begin to understand yourself much better, know what makes you happy and identify the situations that stress you out.
  • As you write through your anxiety, sadness and other strong emotions, you release the pain, feel calmer and begin to process the trauma you have experienced.
  • If you were to read back what you wrote over a period of time, patterns of thinking and feeling emerge which when reflected upon allow you to understand your attitudes and your internal world.
  • It enhances emotional intelligence; Helps you to understand and interpret your emotions and see the another’s perspective.
  • It helps you organize your thoughts, prioritize your goals and needs. As you read and rewrite your goals daily they get embedded into your subconscious mind and you tend to work towards them with added zest.
  • Gratitude journaling (where you record things for which you are thankful) creates a domino effect of hope and courage; something that needs to be written about in an article of its own

For me journaling has been a powerful facilitator of self discovery.

When I journal I am able to arrange my fragmented thoughts so that I better understand myself and my interactions with the world.

After I vent out onto the pages of my journal I am able to bounce back from disquieting experiences and move forward.

Journaling is a constructive skill for youngsters to develop.

Many kids struggle with talking about their feelings. They are not sure if their feelings will be ridiculed or if its ok to feel the way they do. Writing them down gives them a safe place to park their thoughts, to explore their feelings, become more self aware and work through their inner conflicts.

As adults we need to encourage them to squirrel down their thoughts, heartaches, secrets and whatever else comes in their head. Writing gives them a voice –  An assurance that they, and all that they feel, are in a safe place.

There is no one way to begin journaling. Its about what works best for you –

A crisp new notebook, a laptop. Pick the approach that suits you.

Decide on the time you will sit down to write – Early morning before you begin your day, or at the end of the day. Try to write at the same time everyday, even if all you do write is just a few lines.

Do not pay too much attention to grammar or syntax or punctuations etc …. allow your thoughts to flow freely

For those who have trouble on how to start use prompts like …’Right now I am feeling….. or ’today was the day I …..’

Share your writing if you feel like doing so; else keep it to yourself. You are the author and the choice is yours.

As you begin your journey with written words, you will notice how your written words serve as a tool for clarity, a receptacle for thoughts and observations, and an agent of self expression.

No wonder Carolyn Hamilton said – Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are.’








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