Get Over That Slump

22 Jan

Halfway through January and it seems like a struggle to keep up with the resolutions you made.

No doubt the goals were carefully written down with all good intent but two weeks later that exhilarating feeling with which they were written down wanes away and your center of gravity doesn’t let you move away from the couch.

So how do you set yourself up to follow your dreams; stay engaged once the initial excitement is over.

This has been a forever challenge with me and I have come up with a few steps that help me stay on task.

#Rethink what is meant by motivation.

Motivation isn’t all energy and zest. Some days it is the quiet plowing away at things even if you don’t really feel like it.

Einstein’s observation that ‘nothing happens until something moves’ can be applied to every aspect of life including being motivated. Get off that couch and begin doing something …….. Motivation doesn’t necessarily have to precede action. Don’t we do so many things that we don’t feel like doing – like calling your banks customer service or paying bills etc. Similarly, you can begin a task by just going through the motions without feeling like it. You may not always ‘feel’ like doing something but begin anyways. Action often pulls Motivation along. What you need is to just get started

#Start with the small things.

Build momentum by tackling the tiny jobs first and soon you will get going – A few things done will make you feel victorious and will give you the necessary fuel to break the Inertia making the larger tasks seem more achievable.

#Start with the superficial                            

Have a shower, put on your favourite clothes, maybe play some happy music. Chances are that you’ll feel ready to get going. Looking like you are ready to begin work will nudge you to feeling like it too. Dawdling Mid Morning in flip-flops and pyjamas are not conducive to any kind of inspiration.

#Get accountability from friends and family

Tell a few people what you intend to do and ask them to check on how you are getting along. This way you are less likely to give up.

#Remind yourself of how important this goal is to you

Write down 3 reasons why this goal matters to you and put it up where you can see it. Read them during periods of low energy so they give you the encouragement you need to take that step forward.

#Be kind to yourself

Adopt an inner voice that treats you like you’d treat a good friend. You certainly wouldn’t deride your friend for not sticking to his intentions; instead you’d point out that each day is a new opportunity to start again. Likewise, you need to treat your self with understanding and compassion

Its important to note that incase you feel a lack of drive to do anything for more than two weeks it could be anhedonia [ a symptom of depression]

It is a condition where your anticipatory pleasure is numbed so you don’t feel like pursuing any rewarding stimuli. This condition can derail you from finding the energy to follow through what you intend to do. This is treatable but it is important to visit your therapist and get the right kind of help.



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