Whats your story

26 Nov

“Tell me a little about you” my host asked, turning towards me, sincere, attentive and with a warm smile that lit up her face. “And of course” she continued “no facts”.

Articulate though I was in expressing my thoughts; I found my self fumbling and unsure of what to say. Facts are so much simpler to talk about.

What, I wondered would be appropriate to talk about? My life’s been far from perfect so how much of it do I divulge?

Do I talk of things that make me happy or things that I wish for or about those dark thoughts that lie in the deep recesses of my head which I am constantly trying to broom away into someplace so no one will know?

Maybe I should talk about the how the real me feels. Talk about the times when it looks like I am angry but I am just very sad or the days I appear like I am in a bad mood but what I actually feel is icy cold fear.

What if I spoke about the people in my life, the relationships that drain me and those that infuse me with energy; About how unsure I am of so many things- my internal chaos.

Is it okay to talk about the times I’ve tried to conform to a pattern believing I was not ‘enough’ the way I was?

Do I speak of the time and effort it took me to know and accept my flaws?

Through the midst of all these maybees I have had a thousand joyous moments filled with balance and fulfillment too. Do I speak of them?

Not just me most of us have these moments of joy in the midst of all our travails.

Flawed but Awesome we are….Exactly the way we were meant to be.

Each of us have a story to tell that make us more beautiful than what one can see by just looking at us. A story that blends all our joys ,sadness , insecurities and so much more. A story that makes us uniquely beautiful

Stories that build a bridge from one heart to the other so we are all connected.

Listening to other people’s stories can be inspirational, but telling ours requires courage and the ability to rise above our vulnerability.

Its time we share our stories both for ourselves and others.

For ourselves ….so that we don’t stay imprisoned in our narratives but evolve, learn lessons and broaden our perspectives through the roads we’ve travelled. We don’t really need to be a part of that ‘pity party’ to which we go each day …. instead when we realize that we’ve been through crap and yet kept our heads above water – we are confident of our incredible powers to face the world and all its challenges

For others …. Our stories are a shared experience. One which is uplifting, comforting and even inspiring. That’s Magic right there!


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