Yield to your Moods

27 Sep

This morning seemed like an otherwise normal morning, except that I didn’t feel too upbeat about anything. I preferred to laze around doing nothing, but my brain wouldn’t let me be. I’ve been wired to believe that feeling down is not acceptable and that I should find ways to bounce back immediately.

Thinking of ways to shake off the blues only caused more distress. My inner grump insisted on being around. Social media doesn’t help here – coz its for ever broadcasting happiness, as if to say – ‘If you are anything other than joyous, you are a loser’.

The pressure to feel good makes you mirthless.

Why are we so uncomfortable with our not so nice moods? Why do we feel that we have to be happy all the time? Why are people comfortable with the ‘Duck Syndrome’?  Like the duck who maintains its calm exterior while pedaling furiously in the water we are happy on the outside while frantically trying to juggle our moods.

Research has shown that those who allow themselves to go through their dark moods are less prone to stress. Like most things its got a name – Constructive Wallowing – where you give yourself time and space to understand your feelings of anger or sadness or fear, cope with them and move ahead at your pace.

This sure makes things easier for me. I’ve given myself the permission to feel …… allow this mood to drift by without clinging or resisting it

Denying or judging my feelings only prolongs the very feeling I’m trying to avoid.

Time gives me the luxury to understand the value and meaning of my negative mood.  It helps me to remember that all moods have their unique role to play in helping us navigate the world.

All we need to do is sit back Embrace the gloom, Accept your grouchiness and know that your feelings are like dark passing clouds that you don’t need to control.





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