25 Jun

At 24 i lived in my comfort zone- A complacent wife and mother but with a relentless need inside of me to be a part of something larger. Going back to study meant a lot of adjustments but this persistent voice inside of me allowed no room for negative thoughts to sprout inside my head.

With a renewed mind i went back to study why people behave the way they do; i guess subconsciously i wanted to understand myself

Today years later i can say that this journey has bee life changing. Through the various challenges , triumphs and varied experiences i have come to believe that nobody needs to feel alone, left out , worthless,anxious or irrelevant.

Each of us at some stage in life need someone to tell us that we have value, to teach us skills that turn our anxiety and sadness into courage and happiness and to help us learn not just to survive , but to thrive.

Every youngster needs someone to listen to them and validate their feelings. It makes me feel honoured to be a part of a profession  where words can offer unconditional acceptance and healing. If i think of the darkest moments in my life i know how powerful it could have been to have someone support and encourage me to be my best self.

Today as a mental health practitioner I’ve found my path and my passion. Ive fought my battles with hope and determination and learnt not just from books but also the people Ive met along the way. I am now ready to walk alongside others who need that hand holding while they label their emotions,deconstruct their thoughts, and find the strength and courage to create alternative narratives for themselves

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