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Relish the Unpredictable

25 May

Dining out used to be a pleasurable experience: the best part being , browsing unhurriedly through the menu wondering what each dish would taste like. At certain oriental restaurants reading aloud the names of the dishes followed by an English explanation of what went in them invoked a feeling of childlike happiness. Eventually the chef would be summoned who then recommended his personal favourites and suggested something out of the menu which he promised he’d  make to suit our palate.

This of course was followed by looking around at the furniture and having a discussion on the theme or lighting etc. Our dining out was flavoured with quite a few surprises which made us feel all charged up and alive.

I missed all this the other day when a friend with whom I was dining out had already gone online ; read the menu ; picked out a few good dishes and had even given me an idea of the decor .  I did have a good dinner but missed out on the joy of  that bit of unpredictability that makes things  more interesting . Thanks to google we can preview our experiences even before we have them – something that fails to stir up any excitement in me .

I like surprises. It brings vitality into our lives . It gets us curious , help us sit up and notice things, lights up the pleasure areas of our brain and then pushes us to share it with our friends so that we savour the experience even more. I don’t remember a time I’ve not shared a surprise with a friend.

Nodoubt negative surprises are are not easy to handle and as much as we’d rather not have them , they do spring up from time to time. One needs to accept them as a part of life. Easier said than done !

I believe Life would be stagnated if we shield ourselves from unpredictablity, so ide say it’s a good idea to get out there and engineer a few surprises for ourselves. Now that would mean letting go of control and excessive planning and choosing to be a ‘not knower’ and vulnerable . Not easy for some but worth a try .

The safe zone is comfortable but it’s only when we let life surprise us that we are most alive .