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Agenda for the Year

7 Jan

Come January and its time to start afresh. Summing up all done ; gaps in our life all noted and  its time now to come up with an impressive ‘to-do’ list.

Everyone around is talking of their plans , posting resolutions and me …..I actually feel a kind of pressure to come up with my  list of resolutions for the new year.

I find myself questioning the wisdom behind this self improvement drive . The chaos and despair that follow in less than two months is enough to send all the good intentions through the door.

Of course I am open to the feasibility of plans and I do believe that each year brings along with it its very own pail of triumphs yet I find this need to  declare targets  disturbingly banal.

So when it was time to put down my bulleted list ….I changed my plan .  This year I am moving away from the usual ‘list’ frame into the ‘ feeling ‘ frame.

It struck me that every time I put down something on my ‘to-do’ list , it was primarily to feel something – more confidence, more joy, more love etc.  It was this feeling that made the pursuit of something enjoyable. Its only obvious that what the heart wants to feel is a far better motivator  than a list of  activities which needs to get done.

The content of my workshops sat so long in my head that the Anti Procrastination task force gave up trying to get it out on paper but when I imagined the feeling of accomplishment I get on seeing my presentation , the highway from the mind to the pen cleared up and voila …I was at my table putting down my thoughts on paper.

Its gotten easier now as I know what I want to feel ,so I wake up each morning and do things that lead me to that feeling.

Despite the fact that change from the familiar is  difficult; the thought of the feeling that accompanies the change ; the momentum and progress it finds me in  is the elixir that make the bulleted list not so bad after all.