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Mindful Moments

25 Nov

Staying  Silent  wouldn’t count as one of  my virtues. Not to say that people think I am a chatterbox but to opt for wilful silence isn’t something that comes to me easily

Friends spoke of the the value of spending a few minutes in silence but it was only when I experienced it that I understood how it dramatically refuels my mind.

Like many other enforced routines , purposeful stillness was introduced at the workplace. First thing in the morning. everyone stopped what they did, stayed in their seats, eyes closed for around eight  to ten minutes with pleasant music in the background and spent these moments with themselves.

Initially I resisted , grumbled and sometimes waited for the music to end so I could get along with my work . Finally, taking some advice  from my colleagues,  I decide to give it a try.

I cant say I felt any different instantly but over a period of time I began to feel a little of that energy people say silence creates.

Thoughts kept floating by but after the first week i learnt to allow them to pass by like cars on a busy highway .   Slowly I began connecting with myself. This quietness took me to a place of clarity ; a place where the mind quietens and the heart whispers.

Like they say – ‘it is the space between the bars that hold the tiger’ similarly  it is  that space between our ongoing thoughts –that silent gap that increases our self awareness, improves our decision making skills , reduces stress and  induces in us  more empathy.

That quiet time every morning gradually helped me see what I needed more of and what I need to let go of thus creating a sense of balance in my life.

Today I look forward to those ten minutes in the morning- its my tool of self care that adds   fuel to my goals.

So yeah meditation isn’t for a select few, anyone can avail of its power. You just need to disengage from what you are doing , sit silently for ten minutes ; pleasant music is helpful while you lap up this elixir of energy.

Be prepared for initial itches but gently allow it to pass and in time you will have the power to rewire your brain for a more productive and a more Joyful you