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It’s all about ME

22 Sep

My solo walk on the seafront was interrupted by a bubbly Riz. Riz- charming , witty , confident with the gift of the gab …. Just some of the words to describe her ; and yet being around her is draining and frustrating.

Riz believes that that she needs to have certain privileges because ….. Well because she is Riz….. And most definitely a cut above the rest ( so she believes).

Her needs always figures on top of every plan and she has this deep seated belief that they got to be fulfilled as top priority.

She feels entitled to have this special treatment and expect most of us to admire and respect her ……. Which we do initially but a few months down the line all we see is a bully and a manipulator.

Don’t give into her ways …. Then you  either suffer her attention seeking melodrama or the silent treatment or yelling and screaming.

Her assumption that she  is much special than the others and therefore she is entitled to more than others makes people wary of her.Genuine and intimate relationships steer clear of her.

Some say we are living in an ‘Age of Entitlement’which as Steve Maraboli says is a cancerous thought process that is void of gratitude and can be deadly to our relationships .

For now  it’s Riz and her endless chatter about how unkind her neighbour is.  And me …. Am looking out for another friend to wave out to.