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2 Jun

A lot of my time these days go in thinking back to my childhood . I recall so many unforgettable places, events and people.                        They were ( at least for most of the time ) the good old days.

Living in this vibrant city, full of energy , with so much happening around me- I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning.

Here I met people who made life look so much easier to glide through. As their smiles flash back in my head ; I relive their philosophies and I am consumed by a strong need to jot them down lest they  slip by my transient memory. How to shepherd,  How to steward , How to live – these stalwarts have shown  me.

Grace and calm I saw came from the understanding that you are not exactly the center of the universe; and when people say hurtful things, it’s not exactly to hurt you but their own triggers compel them  to do so. Let it go. Be tolerant and empathetic .

Arguments happen….trying to win arguments with your loved ones is only self- defeating.  Do what you want to, but respect another’s point of view.

Responsibility for your happiness is entirely yours and the ability to change and adapt to circumstance is the only thing that maintains your sangfroid.

Don’t fret when you don’t fit in to the norms prescribed by society instead walk your path. It’s okay to go off course…. You’ll eventually get back on course with the wisdom that can’t be found in books.

Pain is a part of this journey . It will pass and for most of the time it makes you a great storyteller.

Love and Life I learnt are so interconnected. Allow yourself to feel the love when it comes by. Revel in it and if it moves on … Let go! It has served its purpose in your life .

The buzzing of the telephone bring my reflections to a sudden halt.  Taking a deep breath I do the next best thing I can think of – Stretch and get right back onto the wagon of daily living .