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Stretching out

23 Jan

Another birthday round the corner, and yes I am excited. Excited coz I’ve managed to show up for 355 days again.

In an age where birthdays spell getting older and one isn’t comfortable being anything over forty I find each  passing year more relieving than the previous one.

At twelve you want you want your friends to love your  party ; come seventeen you hope that special someone remembers to wish you ; the twenties on …it’s the only time you are pampered  !

Two decades later with a wealth of experiences to talk about and having had my share of raising kids, pleasing others, pursuing a career , setting goals , I now step into another phase.  Like a rocket that escapes the earth’s gravity and is propelled into space because it has a longer voyage to make. Moving on to do what resonates with my soul; To get to a place of contentment and be at ease with myself

A need to give back something of value to the world  that nurtured me ; A call to be a part  of experiences that contributes to a  cause bigger than me is now the  driving force that propels most of my actions.

It’s a moment of redirection, with the same drive and ambition but replacing things what I thought was important with a new set of beliefs and ideas.

“We cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening, and what in the morning was true , will at evening have become a lie”  Carl Jung

That’s where I am – excited and feeling all enthused about beginning this new journey.