26 Dec

It’s the morning after Christmas;

The angels have sung ,  the baby welcomed ,  we feasted , we napped … short – A  day gone by in the the usual christmas style

Yet …mixed emotions  collide inside my head  as I look at my Christmas tree.  A reminder of  another year gone by ; the things I resolved to do …..and have still to do.

These weren’t difficult things nor  would they be called time consuming. When i  set them on  my ‘to do’ list it seemed  like there was  enough time to get there; but just as i  started thinking about what i  need to begin- it seemed  like they just ‘whooshed ‘ past me.

The whooshing startled , then baffled and finally i sat back in quiet resignation and watched it float past while i gave myself innumerable reasons why i couldn’t really get there.

They were always there at the back of my mind – standing tall, smiling gently as the ‘more urgent’ matters got priority. Each time they poked their head and tried to get an inch forward , more pressing matters pushed their way through and  at this point I can sheepishly add that a lot I thought I would do remained only on paper.

But there is something else I did do –I began jotting down little significant moments during the year – times when I felt happy ,Meals I really enjoyed; Stuff I bought and felt thrilled about; Gifts I received; The times I felt good about what I did ;  The people that added a little magic in my day. …..The moments that shine out the most during the course of the year.

Gazing at my Christmas tree ,   lights  twinkling through its branches – I stop and reflect on the things and people that truly matter in my life ,   The things I missed out on .  i was a little surprised at the things that  didn’t make it to my list,  Of course they were fun while they lasted but not enriching enough .

That’s it ….as the year waves goodbye,  I feel blessed and grateful for the so called ‘charming gardeners’ of my soul.  I will now lean forward and focus on things that do matter – frame goals that involve spending more time with people I love – people that bring out the best in me; Travel; Eat right; Accomplish those work goals.

Yeah ….am feeling quite awesome right now as I sit down to make this brand new list of things ide like like to spend my time doing in the coming year .  Suddenly this sparkling tree seems to be smiling at me


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