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That special gift we give ourselves each day

1 Nov

Happiness – the most sought after elixir since the dawn of creation.

Dr Seuss probably knew the secret to happiness when he wrote this years ago  –                     “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

When one has walked this planet for as long as I have then a few simple truths begin to dawn upon you …the key one being… you are in charge of your Happiness.

That’s good news ! Knowing that we can whip up our own bit of happiness is empowering.

So how does one get to Happiness ?   I’d say Self-Acceptance.

Embracing the complete you…the estimable parts and the not very commendable parts, is an essential skill to cultivate.

Constant interaction with our families and peers  over the years have  constructed within us a script which we carry in our heads  throughout  life.  These scripts sometimes carry negativity and debatable shortcomings which prevent us from seeing the real person we actually  are.

The past can alter your thoughts, but forgiving yourself and not allowing your inner critic to hijack your thoughts helps streamline the process of moving on.

It’s helpful to remember what a wise man once said- Our mistakes and our imperfections are not bad or wrong or failures. They are the fingerprints of humanity and opportunities for learning, healing and growth.

Its only when we stop judging ourselves and accept every facet of ourselves that we begin to feel a sense of well-being and most importantly we no more have the need for others approval.

Look at yourself with compassion, accepting your weaknesses and your frailties and loving yourself…warts and all…That when you will allow Happiness to gently alight at your shoulder.