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A choice we make ?

18 Oct

My friends….. Caring and sometimes exasperatingly so – asking, probing, analysing and many a time making deductions and thrusting those opinions upon me.

Their latest- The theme of Loneliness.

No doubt if one were to look at certain situations in my life, it would point to the fact that I definitely could be a victim of loneliness… but then I argue with them.

Is this malaise just about living alone? I am all but certain it isn’t …I have met people who being in the midst of others still feel the ache of isolation.
It’s that meaningful connection they look for.

Do we talk about it? – Mostly not. Loneliness isn’t something one admits to.
Infact its taboo talk. One would rather speak of shopping or even immersing oneself in work rather than admit to feeling lonely .
Perhaps they see it as a personal failing? The side effects of barriers one puts up to defend oneself from the outside world.

All of us desire to connect with people who share our interests and vision ….but some feel inept and unworthy and to them social obligations feel like a burden where there is always danger of rejection or feeling disconnected

It’s easier to embrace loneliness and the passivity associated with it..and before we know…its enveloped us. Thus lonely people get lonelier ….Loneliness feeds on itself. Then there is that inner critique that’s always lurking alongside to sabotage any effort you make, to convince yourself that you are not good enough

Each of us are worthy of love – especially our own.
So reach out to a friend, be a little vulnerable, Share pieces of your life with others and show interest in theirs too, weed out the goblins in your head and remember “Hello” is the most powerful word against Loneliness