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That stumbling block

30 Jul

The world is full of different perspectives ; each man with one of his own. Although I don’t claim my views to be universally applicable , there is one theme that am one hundred percent sure that ties together all the happenings in life- and that is – keeping our ego in check. 

Your ego is not only the most dangerous but also the most useful missile in your life arsenal. 

When used effectively its a force that enables you to get comfortable with your powerlessness but when allowed to run amok,  the need to control and judge is the most destructive force that get in the way of an otherwise productive life. 

An exaggerated sense of self is a sure way to alienate oneself and is not a very happy path to travel on . Tunnel vision – a dangerous byproduct of an egocentric self gets in the way of anything bigger than your uni dimensional world . 

Use your ego when you need to ; else leave it at the door when you sense it will get in the way . 

But can we really do this ? 

We humans have uncontrollably big egos or tragically fragile ones. Just when you think you’ve got it in control , it sneaks up behind you and sways  it’s ugly head. 

All we can do is make an effort to control our egos. It’s a tricky thing alright but has its incentives- a life of balance and quiet confidence