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I love the rain

21 Jun

Sitting by my window watching the rain is the the next best thing to being out there wading through the water; letting the numerous raindrops beat upon my head , wrapping my arms around myself ,letting the water droplets trickle down my nose. 

I belong to the rain , not the scorching heat of summer nor the icy cool of winter but to the flowing and rejuvenating power of the rain. 

It’s like love is all around you ; flowing everywhere cleansing and bringing to life every creature on earth, drenching every human with joy. 

This endless pitter patter feels comforting like being with an old friend – a sense of serenity washes over me

Sometimes as I watch people crowded under shelters waiting for the rain to pass I wonder if they’ve ever hit the wet pavements with a song in their heart- stopped moaning and started splashing

Today seems like the perfect excuse for not doing things i have to do- an instant holiday right in the middle of the week …. skipping work or gorging into a plate of fries or cancelling boring plans…. All can be done absolutely guilt free. 

Am free to sit back tracing raindrops on my window

Watching these raindrops helps my mind slow down ; the earthy scent that accompanies the rain is heady and mysterious – the kind that wants you take a deep breath and look at bothersome things with a different perspective. . 

Watching the rain or walking in the rain – whichever ….it’s an unforgettable experience.

Few things in life can bring that kind of inner peace- An experience you need to have yourself in order to understand it completely.