Carving out time to do what matters

1 May

Someone once said – Days are long but Years are short.

Often I have to remind myself  to make time for the things that matter to me because one never knows when you run out of time

There’s so much out there – places you  wanna  see , adventures you haven’t  experienced,  people you desire to spend time with. .

Once in a while kick aside the routine. Routine is boring and keeps you in her grip until you decide to shake her off.

As you grow older, the more anchors there are holding you back.  Time seems to move fast . ..  Summers move into winters in the blink of an eye. The clock keeps ticking away and soon it’s another year gone by with the same unexplored dreams.

You get just one life and it’s worth the effort to pursue what you so love.

Make an uncensored list of your dreams- write it down. And go about getting them to happen.

Maybe you are all settled in and don’t want to create ripples or rock the boat; Fair enough – take baby steps  that keep you  feeling  alive.

What’s more disturbing than knowing you’ve lived a life that’s just passed you by ?

Taking off seems a difficult decision to make but once you begin to live your dreams, decision making seems as easy as a bird flapping its wings.

Sometimes your decisions aren’t too great; No worries, turn around or take a detour. Life is too short to mull over all the crappy decisions you’ve made.  Learn your lesson and move on.

Fulfilment – that’s what I want to get to and I don’t want to wait till the time is right.

Waiting is exhausting and there is no right time . Create your own special bits of time- chase them and make them happen. Chip off and gouge out these moments from your routine.  These are  precious moments to savour and  do what you’ve  always wanted to do.

Push through resistance, turn your face towards the wind and embrace that special moment right now.


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