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Open up to Life

27 Apr

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Many a times we are faced with choices that involves scooping out the best of ourselves , the richest ,the most talented and the warmest bits of ourselves and putting it out there – Choices that demand risk.
What do we then do – hold back,lid our potential, keep the best parts of ourselves unseen.
We fool ourselves that we are waiting for the right moment to take a chance, make a change , say the words.
Is it likely that the factor that makes the moment ‘right’ is us?
Just our willingness to take a risk.

Taking a risk is not just unpredictable, it’s also scary. It could result in criticism and humiliation.
The fear of shame holds us back. What if we are not smart enough, loveable enough or end up making ourselves appear silly.
A powerful feeling that rips us apart – the feeling of being judged and reduced.
Memories of shame stay long after the event , they scar and keep us away from living life fully – they stifle us.

Shame doesn’t stay isolated, instead it percolates into every situation. We begin to see all situations and people in the same light as the one that originally hurt us. Our radar is up and every similar situation, we generalize and respond to in our old ways. This makes our lives drab and grey; eats away at every possibility and opportunity of love and life.

With every new situation appearing like a wolf at our door, one can only cow down and exist.
Living completely is about opening that door….. maybe it’s the love you’ve been waiting for , An opportunity you’ve been hoping would be there.
How would you know if you never opened that door ?

We may make mistakes , may get hurt when we put all our vulnerabilities out there but then each time our capacity to deal with hurt only increases.
We learn how to lessen the influence of shame and gently get it out of our way . We begin to Live.

The thought of wanting to do something and holding yourself back feels like a boulder in your heart.
Your heart will continue to hunger.
Regret at never trying is so much more difficult to live with than trying and failing .

So open that door, stretch out your abilities and confidence, feel the exhilaration, take the chance and Go Be Amazing !
Finally when your story ends you would have lived….lived courageously and wholeheartedly !