Survive or Thrive

25 Feb

Life – A Collection of Moments .
Moments – Some of which you want to forget and some you want to live through again ad again.
Some that bring feelings of fear and frustration and others that elicit joy and serenity.
Have you noticed how negative feelings have a way of lingering around for longer than necessary – they tend to clamp you down , clouding your thinking and making you focus on the times when things weren’t going right for you. They help you survive allright but Create a kind of downward spiral radiating out unhappiness and anger.
Positive emotions on the other hand are sometimes more subtle and fleeting.
Many a times we let them pass by without paying much attention . As a result we are not able to think of happy moments as fast as we can recollect the times when we were clearly unhappy or irritated.
What we need to do is savor the good times , allow them to sink in ; bloom and flower in our head and heart.
These are our tiny engines of growth that help us thrive. They show up on our faces and make us glow making us someone who people will look at and say ‘ That’s someone ide like to hang out with .“
Powerful drivers that they are they broaden our mindset over a period of time and shape us into who we become.
So how does one capture and save these pleasant feelings – Ide say, for starters- by mindfully noticing and appreciating them.
When I was little there was this song – when you are happy and you know it clap your hands ….thats it … it . tell people , smile and feel the joy.
It’s like the idea of ‘ Stop and smell the roses’ and then sit back and enjoy it .
So heres to creating an’ upward spiral’ of positive emotions – let happiness breed happiness thus enjoying the journey called Life


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