Excess of cowardly speech – A deadly poison

1 Feb

It’s the first of February….. The last month seems to have whizzed by.
There’s this one thought that keeps nagging me —
How does one keep at bay people with unhealthy tongues ???
No matter what you do, they have something to criticise you or pass judgement about. Not just that . They take pleasure in spreading untrue and hurtful things about you .
At first I would shrug their idle talk by saying to myself that ….maybe , just maybe I am the only significant person they’ve met and so they can’t help but talk about me.
This works as long as the rumours they spread don’t get malicious but as their tongues unleash continuous poison I found myself feeling a little unsettled while they dissected my character.
Back and forth I ran it through my mind – why would these people create so much unpleasantness ? Why do they pass judgement on people so liberally ? What devious pleasure do they get in berating people who they sometimes know nothing about.
That’s when I realised that I don’t want to be a part of their drama and negativity.
I thought of Oscar wilde’s statement – Forgive your enemies , nothing annoys them much. Difficult to practise but I knew I had to
The joy and peace I feel is far too precious to trade away to people who having an impoverished mind have nothing better to talk about.
Since I and only I am accountable to my choices and actions I knew I had to do a few things right away .
Not associating with them beyond what is necessary was the first step to shake off the dark cloud I sometimes get entangled in .
Being discrete about my dreams and day to day life leaves them in a tizzy for want of matter to talk about …but this sometimes really doesn’t help because these are great at creating their own cocktail of lies. All the same its worth practising .
These are “energy vampires” and trying to confront them really doesn’t help . It’s like feeding the jackals….
‘Alter yourself and rise above them’ is what I told myself and that’s been my endeavour ever since and that definitely is quite freeing.
And hey … I am a member of a gifted species . and if you can survive that without the angst hormonešŸ˜Š …. we could be friends – else you are welcome to continue that awful stuff you are doing until you begin to infest yourself with your disease.


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