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Visions of an exciting 2015

1 Jan

Come January and it’s almost a tradition to have made a few resolutions.
All you get to hear and be asked is about these new goals you have set- Although their dream isn’t really yours , yet all this talk spurs you to thinking about what you’de like to do for yourself in the coming three sixty five days

So I sit back and think about the things closest to my heart , things I want to do but never got down to doing, A few unfinished things from the year that went by ; My expression of intent .
I don’t want to be completely hung up on self improvement but do things that are fun and awe inspiring .
In short – do what makes my heart sing.
Now what would make my hear sing ? Feels good just thinking about it .

I’de learn a new skill – something interesting like baking . The smell of cookies n cake floating around the house is reason enough to make me want to bake
Travel to new places . Once a year i’de love to travel with family to a new and exciting destination. The globe trotter in me wants to soak in new experiences and click countless pictures with the people who matter most in my world adding a treasure trove of memories to cherish
Overcome a fear . Driving – that’s what I wanna do . Get rid of the fear that stops me from getting behind the wheel . That’s honestly a tough one knowing my level of fear and my character traits that are so unhelpful here. But I’m going to give it a shot

As I write I realise that’s there so much more i’de like to do but for now I’de like to stick to these three. Fewer goals with a timeframe makes me more confident of accomplishing them and enjoying the process .

Suddenly the new year looks so much more exciting ;
There fills in me a childlike enthusiasm to run outdoors and catch the wind.
As Sarah Ann says – “a new chapter in life is waiting to be written, new questions to be asked, embraced and loved. Answers to be discovered and lived in this transformative year of delight and self – discovery”