The Year that was

27 Dec

It’s one of those quiet days after Xmas when one sits back and reflects on the year gone by .
A year sounds like a long time – 365 days… But it seems to have passed by incredibly fast.

Slowly I steer my thoughts to the happenings during the last twelve months-
some subtle ; some ‘on your face’ changes.
Changes-– some of which I made and some that were made for me .
Career goals I thought I’de accomplish – some of which I’ve managed but many more rainbows left to hold
The gift of a loving family ; the glow they bring to my face is more radiant than a thousand sunshines .
The support and encouragement of friends . New friends to share light moments with; the old ones that have gotten more dearer with time and some, who have somewhere stepped off my wagon .
My heart fills with gratitude each time I think of these silent gardeners of my soul.
Bewilderment, Wonder, Frustration , Contentment – all entwined , were these past months.
There were times of Incredible joy and Inspiration, and times when I’ve lost my patience, been overwhelmed , hurt like hell and trudged through the

I’ve tried – tried to be in the ‘now’ of every moment. Can’t say I’ve been totally successful but yeah like most of our kind I’ve had this amazing capacity to start afresh everyday.

Most of all I look up and whisper a ‘thankuou’ to my creator for the year that was and the showers of blessings that I woke up to every morning .

“ Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come , whispering ‘it will be happier…” said Lord Tennyson – and with this I am all excited and looking forward to start anew giving myself another chance to get things right.


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