What Christmas means to me

26 Dec

Come December the mood gets all festive- gifts under the tree, lights in the windows, cards in the mail, shopping for presents … And so much more. Red hats with white furry edgings and decorated trees find their way into every home.
The whole world fits into a groove that seems to move in a certain direction till the excitement of the advent flows into the the hearts n homes on Christmas Day – a day when angels, shepherds and wise men shared the very same enthusiasm and eagerness two thousand years ago.
Who would have thought that the events that emerged one silent night would go on to be enshrined in music , art and be the focus of almost half the planet for an entire month.
Have you noticed how this frenzy and excitement begin to slow down the day after Christmas?
Life slowly pull back to where it stopped a month ago.
What then is Christmas all about ? To different people different things I suppose.
To me it’s a time of healing, of renewed strength and hope.
Along with a million twinkling lights; there is inside of me the shining star of excitement , wonder and anticipation of things to come.- New beginnings , new challenges and new gifts waiting to be opened.
It’s when I like to connect with family and friends- share a slice of their lives, tune in to the gifts of love , kindness and laughter that this season brings along with it.for what is life if not shared with the people you love !!!!!!
Charles Dickens in his book – A Christmas carol calls Christmas a ‘ good time , a kind , forgiving, charitable pleasant time- the only time I know of when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut- up hearts freely’
So that’s it – the lil babe in the manger left behind him a legacy of love and hope for all mankind – a feeling if you hold fast inside of you , cherish and live it through —- it will be twelve whole months of Yuletide .


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