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A lil bit of magic everyday

29 Nov

It was a ‘WOW ’moment.

Dawn…….when night meets daylight  fleetingly

It  filled me with awed admiration and enchantment.

Slowly the sun appeared , staining the dark sky golden ; pushing its way upwards from the eastern horizons..

Far below little birds began their orchestra,  Tall trees and little shrubs stretching out to catch every  ray of the sun.. It was a concert of  an endless variety.

As I watched with bated breath  I began to see the awesomeness of the things around me that I sometimes took for granted..

These days I take a little time to stop , look at the world around me , fill my senses with its beauty and envelop myself in wonderment.

Its a ‘no questions asked’ child like wonder….which soaks in every beauteous moment as if I am seeing it for the very first time.

Since then I’ve noticed that Amazement awaits us at every corner if we would only stop to see.

The mysteries of life and the incredible things man and nature have created make every moment breathless , intense and vivid  like the morning sky.

To me this wonderment spells Happiness and Gratitude and fills me with enthusiasm day after day