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Those Fleeting Moments

21 Sep

Sunday afternoons are essentially meant for browsing through books and siesta  ; but today one thought keeps poppin in my head .

Are there happy endings ? I mean does life have happy endings?

Books and  films do have all the characters in place in  the end  – a happily ever after scenario, where nothing but the best can happen to them  …. and we the passive audience disperse sighing in disbelief at how magical l life can be !

An  illusion like this cannot be recreated in life…life doesn’t stop at a glorious moment ; it trundles on sometimes plunging us through muck and sometimes opening the gates to beautiful gardens

On and off there are happy moments ….interspersed with a lot of grey unpleasant  long patches of tedium.

Whats  important is to recognize and acknowledge these upbeat moments  ,  loll in them and soak in their  bliss.

These are the” Happy Right Nows” – the only thing we can be sure of .

Live these moments and maybe you can immortalize these moments by writing about them – Create your own “Happily ever after”  bestsellers