Wide Angle Lenses – Broadening Perspectives

31 Aug

This morning i was  jerked out of bed by  a series of doorbells .  Leaping out of bed  I rushed  with one eye still shut  – just a minute did I mention that my one eye juz refused to open . Okay so theres this me taking in the world around me with one eye. Not bad I thought ….i didn’t think I missed out on anything . Splashing water onto my face I slowly opened both eyes and looked around. I pretty much saw the same things ; but the image was richer and more beautiful.

 I have to write about this I thought – life with both eyes open.

 One can walk through life for ages  with a narrow vision of the world; believing in our fixed ways of thinking  until one day – Voila …the lens through which you viewed the world has beautifully widened.  It’s an amazing feeling  . Suddenly there is so much more to life.

 Some of us get our eureka  breakthrough during  everyday mundane tasks . while others fall hard before they figure things out.

But then there is this tricky thing about breakthroughs :  u just cant go on living the way you have been doing – your thoughts change ; life around you gets different . What mattered before does not matter anymore… there is an internal pressure that gently but surely spurs you towards change. 

But this change – it isn’t easy .  You need to let go of what you have been holding onto ,  the familiar , the one that’s already won approval of others.

And so for now I will soak in this revelation;  remind myself of it everyday . I have to keep it alive , Sustain it ;  I need to  steadily eliminate all the things that cloud this new vision.

Here i am , embracing this new  quantum leap my mind has made.

Now that I have seen a whole new dimension  to the things I thought were meant to be in a certain fashion………. I  am living in a new world…A world that will bring me deeper fulfillment.


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