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Two Little Words

6 Mar


I have always considered myself  an enthusiastic , upbeat person. I usually try to find the best in most situations . Friends would call me a positive thinker; I try to  colour my day with a brighter approach to things which is then reflected in the way I interact with those around me.

But of late I have been listening to myself and I don’t like the way I speak.  There are these two words in my vocabulary which I have seen have a great impact on people.

In  school-  I am generous with compliments and praise ; sprinkling a considerate amount of uplifting comments whenever I get the opportunity.

“That’s a neat haircut BUT it would have looked better if was a bit shorter”.  I thought I was encouraging  him , but the moment I used the word BUT it was like I pricked a balloon ; I could hear him slowly deflate. I wish I had just said – “that’s a great haircut AND it’s a pleasure to see you look so neat.”

 The other day a close friend who had been house hunting for a while, found a house she really liked.  “Thats good news” I said “BUT isn’t the main street a little far away.” . She looked at me as if I had snatched away her crown from her . How I wished I had said something like . “That’s excellent news. AND I’m so happy you found the kind of place you’ve been looking for.’

I’ve been doing some thinking and now I feel ready for some spring cleaning

Like Maurice Setter once said – ‘Too many people miss the silver lining because they are expecting gold’

. Am making a resolution today – just one – and I intend to keep this one.

Am going to be replacing my ‘BUT’ with an ‘AND’……look at the brighter side of things and watch my friends and family find the sun shining in their direction.