Do I need that Tag ?

4 Dec

Your being stuck in a situation where there seems no way out- Is that Good or Bad?

Your near and dear disowning you when you are in the pits – is that Good or Bad?

How do we decide and label “Good” and “Bad” ?

Is there a ‘ Good ‘ or ‘Bad’ or is Life… just as it is ?

Surely one needs to categorize things, else what happens to ones moral compass

Isnt this labelling important while dealing with the various facets of life namely career, relationships, life?

Why do I put so much emphasis on this categorization?

What  gratifies me and supports my view gets the “Good” label ;  while what frustrates me gets the “Bad” label.

Why do i believe that life needs to have a predictable sequence and if it didn’t i would get angry; hurt  and go all out to correct it?

Analyzing and labeling  the situation again and again only froze my brain till i was overwhelmed by the chaos in my life.

The more I was reluctant to embrace the fluid nature of life .the more I was paralyzed

Till one fine morning I slowly shook away my blues and began to embrace my chaos. It was then that I saw life in a new light..

“Good ‘ and “Bad” are both tentative and to liberate ourselves from these shackles we need to remind ourselves of the impermanence of these words.

The discomfort from the decisions, events and circumstances in my  world many a time   became a motivation for me to move to a better tomorrow. So then the “Bad ” label would no longer be appropriate…would it ?

As I look back i can see that many of the “Bad” things from years ago that have now become some of the greatest blessings in my life.

Today life is Implausible  and Unpredictable- The Good , Bad, Ugly all rolled up into one  incredibly short experience.

Getting rid of the pigeonholes has made life more Interesting , Genuine and Wonderful !


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