It starts with ME…and spreads to WE

8 Sep

  I love people…….they energize me , exhaust me , annoy me  ,excite me, amuse me – just to name a few of the countless emotions they elicit in me

 I love seeing them smile- Of course I don’t spend every waking hour bringing bliss to others; I also have a long “to do “list, and, for most of the day a fun job to do, and I need to spend a fair amount of time daydreaming ….but yesterday while envying the magic that my friend had that energized every place she went to I discovered how effortless spreading sunshine around me could be. Anyone, I reckoned could be the mood elevating fireball that she was.

Christiaan Huygens the Danish philosopher called it an “odd kind of sympathy” when he found two of his clocks mounted on the same support begin to swing in perfect synchrony.  Huygens probably  figured that like the pendulums our emotions are also extremely contagious –  A cheerful person never fails to change the climate of a room. You don’t need to do much, just refuse to let go of your good mood; Hang on to it  . Nothing special to be said or done .Just a smile can trigger a corresponding sunny response.  I remember a particularly uneventful afternoon I spent with three sleeping dogs that induced a kind of peace within me and an equally long afternoon spent with a roomful of energetic kids that left me energized and bubbly. I suppose its Huygens “entrainment “at work here. The contentment or calm that you carry will soon begin to spread around

 Lately I have been noticing the way people enter a room – some come in with their armor  against criticism and rejection, ready to snap and what do they find –you got that – hostile people with their defenses all escalated. These emotional armors we carry around only leaves us feeling drained out.  My friend here has a different strategy. She enters a room  pretending that every single person in the room loves her.“How do u know they love you?” I once asked her. “I don’t” she said …..That’s why I just pretend they do…..makes it easier”.  Imagine that! How would you behave if you believed that everyone around you loved you?  You’d lay down your armor and people around you would do the same, feel relaxed, loosen up and  slowly you’d end up creating a spiral of happiness.

Am a sucker for things that require least effort , that’s not implying I am lazy ……but whats the point expending your energy when you can get things done effortlessly. So this kind of spreading goodness works for me. Its Altruism hands down !


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