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From Wallpaper to Wrapping paper

11 Aug

Boxes….Large cardboard boxes.

 Children love them; they sit in them, drag them around have countless imaginary games around them. By and by these boxes get wobbly and kids have no qualms discarding them …….. moving on.

I guess they are aware that boxes aren’t fun forever.

A simple truth which we adults sometimes never comprehend. We look for boxes which seem safe, sometimes even create them and then are quite content to stay in them. Over time we outgrow these comfort zones but still prefer a cramped existence within this box believing that the view from the box is all there is to see.

Sometimes these boxes aren’t  created by you – right from the time you say ‘hello’ to life ,  you are influenced by the beliefs and thoughts  of your parents , society etc who set you up into neat packages of dos and don’ts;  cans and cannots; shoulds and should nots.

True, life in this box would mean no fear and uncertainty but it would also mean that you would never know what it is to have the wind against your face ; Experience the glory and grime that life has to offer. And yet we resist climbing out of our box and allowing ourselves to be enveloped with the joy , the  mystery and the sadness called life.

These safe zones are definitely limiting and  constricting

What if we were to step outside the box and say “I want more out of life”….

I sometimes listen to those crazy ideas that pop into my head, let my mind wander and then take action.

At other times I enlist the help of friends to give me a gentle push when I get complacent and refuse to budge out of the box

Life is too short to live by social expectations.  

So …. I am Experimenting, Exploring, Trying something different.

 Trying the unusual, the untried and the unorthodox rather than sticking with the mundane and the mediocre.

So yeah ….. Am in the process of stepping out of my box- taking a walk on the wild side, small consistent steps towards the edge.  And this sure blows my mind away!