All that matters is ……..

25 Jul

Sitting on the verandah I watched my grand mom as she went about her daily chores.

Her face had a glow of contentment and a child like enthusiasm sparkled in her eyes.  “Can’t say I know what tomorrow holds for me’ she would say ‘and so I do my best today’ she added.

Years have gone by during which I have striven to uphold her maxim of doing the seemingly small things well and that has kept me prepared for all the uncertainty that each day brings.

I don’t wake up each morning and slay the  monsters that  sometimes hover around, I just do my best although at times  my best isn’t really enough  to go through each days travails.

Many a time i completely goof up- but life goes on and I put myself back there ,trying once more; not scared to fall.

A gratitude journal and photographs of my loved ones keep my spirits  uplifted at all times and  on days that are long, an invigorating bubble bath gives me a renewed connection with myself and am back doing my best in the best way I know ……and to me this is all that matters


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