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For a while

17 Jun

I was still holding the receiver. Trying to make sense of what I heard. A life threatening illness and a strong apparently healthy looking man didn’t go together. I thought of the last time I met him – fit with a strong dominant gait he looked absolutely healthy, and yet, a visit to the doc led to startling revelations that seem so difficult to believe.

One moment you are in the best phase of your career and in the other you are bogged down with news that seems so unreal.

Change happens. It’s inevitable, they are just meant to be

These changes sometimes occur suddenly like a flash of lightening across a dark sky or slowly like a flower turning its head towards the sunlight

Syogyô muzyô.”   “Everything is transient” as the Japanese say

No matter what the situation or condition, the only timeframe it follows is “for a while”.

Good health, beauty, wealth all last “for a while”. Things happen and then they unhappen.  You may be glad it happened or did not happen, either way you need to flow on- like a river

Life unfolds itself everyday in ways we cannot ever imagine. The comforting part is that even the most insurmountable parts in life will last only “for a while”. That’s just the way the universe works.

Every bit of our lives hangs on a fragile thread of time; – it has a beginning, middle and an end. If we are mindful of the transience of the good day’s maybe we won’t be devastated when they dissipate.

As the storms of life take us unawares-hold on when the wind blows, coz it will last only “for a while”.

“A while” which is both an exact and an immeasurable timeframe for every gift life so abundantly bestows upon us