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Seven effective ways to stay Miserable

8 Mar

A walk along the seaside, watching the sun set, drawing in the the cool evening breeze  is something that fills  my heart with joy.

Last   evening was no exception. Just as I began to enjoy the evening breeze a dark cloud in the form of  Tina stood right in front of me.

Now T isn’t one you can politely excuse yourself  from – she demands  attention. So there I was , listening to her woes and  worries as sympathetically as I could wondering all the while  why some people strive for a miserable life ; why they wallow in self pity ; why  depression  for them is like the common cold and why they always search for a black lining in their silver cloud.

And so began my quest to figure out how one can live a miserable life , sabotage every chance of happiness  and make relationships with friends and family impossible.

Knowing Tina and a few others like her made this a relatively simple task.

So here it is – The step by step guide to leading a miserable life

You know it all – That’s step one .Shut your mind to new ideas. At all times believe that only you are right. Do not on any account take another person’s point of view. They are most definitely wrong,

Compare yourself – compare your weaknesses to other peoples strengths. Remember people  who are successful have more money , are better looking, better in laws , bigger homes in short they are much luckier than you.

Feel sorry for yourself – Wallow in self pity. If only you had what others had…….that should be your key thought. Focus on what you don’t have and what you probably never will and feel the waves of despair coming over you.

Keep track of your shortcomings daily. Get yourself a drab worn out diary and make a note of all your mistakes and failures, Read them daily and remind yourself  what a miserable sad sack you are.

Never smile- Remind yourself that life is such a burden  and you particularly have huge insurmountable problems which nobody understands.  What the heck was John Masefield thinking of when he wrote “Laugh and be merry”. For you life is filled with people and  circumstances that make living a hopeless chore.

Never forget- Hold grudges and never forget anyone who has wronged you. Think about them so much till you are filled with anger , rage and revenge till your soul feels trapped in the misery they have created for you.

My  kids , spouse , friends etc  are expected to make me happy.  Why should you take responsibility of your life when you can blame it on others.  You are entitled to “being made happy”.

So what does one do when one meets people like Tina . My suggestion is “RUN” if you can. If like me you end up having to spend time with them – well … then let it be as brief as it can be . Coz there is nothing you can say or do that would make them happy.

For most of them their misery defines who they are. They probably wouldn’t know how to live without  being miserable .

It’s a major life assignment trying to change this person…….so yeah if you still choose to go ahead and attempt this next to impossible task.  Make sure you carry your umbrella !!