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Cherish the one that makes you smile

13 Feb

Valentines day ….the day one keeps aside to profess their love , to buy and receive gifts ­– an annual celebration on my social calendar . In departmental stores New Year diaries give way to heart shaped chocolates and teddy bears.

While some people spend hours looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones , some others condemn the celebration as a commercial façade-A time when Hallmark and Archies make the most money; 24 hours of overhyped and commercial madness.

True this day does have a light n frothy feel , can be even termed as cheesy and  predictable …..but what of that …….it lightens up the mood and  brings a smile to the lips.

To me Valentines day is that day I make it a point to express to all my family , friends , coworkers and even to that guy behind the counter at Natures basket how much I appreciate their being a part of my life.  Their being a part of my life I’d say is a Gift.  A gift that I have been blessed with , A gift I need to treasure and protect , often from myself , from my bad moods or my insecurities.

So tomorrow every red rose and cute huggable toy will point out the obvious –The less celebrated truth . that the beautiful friendships we build over the years – the good kind , the reliable , invaluable ,the deeply meaningful kind that survive the thick and thin, also require celebration  and yes it’s an occasion to step out of life’s dogged routine and cherish the people I care about,  who make my life so beautiful.