Rewiring the brain

5 Jan



A lazy Saturday afternoon, an unsettling feeling inside of me and a  premise  I live by  that Books are a mans best friend ….all three reasons found me at my favourite book shop – Crosswords.

Browsing through, my eyes fell on the book – Teach yourself to be happy . That’s weird . how does one do that? You can learn to make an omlette or knit maybe ……but happiness …..can it be learnt ?

Isn’t Happiness something that comes to you as naturally like breathing or walking ?

Sipping on a coffee I began to wonder……….if like the book said “Happiness lies inside all of  us” then all we need to know is how to access it and cultivate it. Interesting !!!!! so then it is this internal happiness that forms the baseline for all of us . The level to which we return when our temporary highs are done.

Unless you arrange your life in such a way that amazing things are constantly happening to you, it is this baseline happiness that you enjoy most of the time.

Raise this baseline and Eureka !!! happier a person you get to be . But how easy is it to retrain the mind?

Oriental philosophy talks of  “ Happy thoughts”. “Too Simplistic!” argues my brain.  Can we actually feel better by just changing the way we think ? Am not entirely sure……but I am going to be trying it

For starters I am going to be keeping a ‘happiness diary’ just to see where most of my happiness has been coming from.

Another thing – am going to smile a lot more often and laugh for  no reason.                                                                                                                      As Annette Goodheart says “Laughter doesn’t need a reason to be , in fact laughter is unreasonable, illogical and irrational. Laughter exists for its own sake”.    Before I get going with my new philosophy I definitely need to explain it to the people I interact with, else they would probably be sending for men in white coats  !!!!!!!!


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