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Step aside Mr Hyde

8 Dec

Haven’t you written anything  new “ – one of the most common questions I am asked.

This question stirs up a cauldron of emotions inside of me . Its not like I don’t like to write – I actually love it ; but each time I sit down to pen my thoughts , its almost like a lazy devious part of me takes over.

I call him my very own “Mr Hyde”.  Mr Hyde isn’t evil, just playful and full of excuses.   (Mind you, I am not rationalizing my slothfulness)

“its ok to do it a later,  This isn’t your best time , There’s  that phone call you need to make”…..and so on ……he gives me a million other benign reasons  to drop what am doing and simply wile away my time.

An hour ago …..i was convinced I was all set to write something ; Armed with a cup of coffee I sat at my desk …….and there before I got past the first paragraph , Mr Hyde jumps right in.

I try to reason with him but he doesn’t buy what I have to say and …guess what …..we keep arguing.  Nothing done for an hour- just a long internal dialogue ……..which was interrupted by my friend who walks in and simply announced   that i  was procrastinating -” A quintessential modern problem” she said.

“That’s it”!  I thought……’No more of this ! “ I couldn’t let Mr Hyde get the better of me. There had to be a way I could keep him at bay. I desperately needed my Mr Hyde to cooperate.

The next time he poked his lil head ….i spoke  to him- “I am working “ I said.

” I am working on my article”  I repeated again.  “Oh Cmon!” he teased……..

This time I was persistent too …….i repeated  what I  had said earlier aloud …again and again and again ……and voila   there I was overriding Hyde’s negative talk.

I got it . Its  my self- talk that tames the Hyde iside of me; makes me feel good  and achieve my goals

Mr Hyde is no longer a threat to me , infact he’s an ally at most times…….filling me with fun ideas to do after I finish what I need to do.

I must confess there are days when Hyde still takes over ……but then I let him have a bit of fun coz I know  that  its  not every time he breezes in to distract me that  I get transformed into Pavlovs dog.

For most of the time in an average of eleven to sixteen minutes I am able to get him to step aside and get back to doing what i need to do.