You’re the one for me

16 Nov

Looking for the “Perfect Partner”. –   Movies and Fiction make us believe that there is a “one and only one “ somewhere out there and so we wait expectantly to lock eyes with the right person across a crowded room and then head off hand in hand into the sunset

While all of us are seeking with diligence that “special someone” yet , is there that “perfect person “ out there ?????

Walking through memory lane I ask myself – is there a “right” person or just different shades of “wrong”??

As I begin to watch couples around me I realize that each one of us is “wrong “ in some way  and have partners who are “wrong” in a complementary way.

It definitely takes some maturity and living to understand our “wrongness” completely.

Its only when we are completely aware of our shortcomings – “ our inner demons” ; the ones that make us the individual we truly are , that we are ready to find that someone with whom we are contemplating life’s journey.  Only then will we be able to figure out what we are looking for.

As I sit by my window watching the large ocean waves surging , plunging and then collapsing  against the coastline I realize that all of us are looking for the “wrong “ person . Not any “wrong “ person but the right “wrong “ person whose flaws complement ours  admirably.  Someone you can be completely frustrated with and yet lovingly gaze upon and say – “This is one predicament I want to have !”

Raising a toast to each one of us who have found the “love of our lives”  who is “wrong” , but in just  the “right “ way


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