Deepawali- dazzling the spirit

14 Nov


Standing by my window, I look at the night sky- dark and desolate. Its Amavasya ( no moon day ).

All around its anything but bleak or dreary. Every home is lit up with numerous little diyas- tiny Indian earthen lamps, half filled with oil , with a flame that vociferously attempts to fill every  space around it with  light.

Dispelling the darkness and moving upwards this tiny flame fills my heart with hope . Hope from a thousand darknesses. Hope that renews and rejuvenates.

In the distance I watch a lady light an array of lamps with the flame from one lamp . Is this what is spoken of as paramjyoti ?

My reverie is broken by the laughter and shrieks of children and adults alike. Fireworks- An integral part of the celebration. I decide to go down and be a part of their merriment. In the case of fireworks only one principle applies – The louder the better ; Its all about the BANG !

As the night sky lights up with bursts of yellow , green and red and the noise of a thousand firecrackers reverberate around me , I try to put my mind off  words like  “eco friendly, pollution etc “ The place feels like a mini war zone with smoke all around but no one seems to mind. Entire families are here. Kapoor dadaji has got along his armchair, plonked himself at a strategic location  and is shouting out safety instructions to excited children;  Mrs  Modi  seems to be taking care that the kids have enough pepsi and chocolates. .  All look relaxed with a full stomach and a happy heart. As the kids run around recklessly  dodging rockets and sparklers and shouting “Connection”, I decide to go home and tuck into a warm Gulab Jamun.

Its past midnight now , I am back at the window . There is a soothing glow all around me. Houses  are dotted with lamps that line the windowsill.

Whether they are the Chinese tea lights that come with the “long-lasting “ promise or  fancy shaped candles or the humble earthen diya – that upward obdurate flame  is to me the spirit of the Deepawali- Reaffirmation of hope , Renewed commitment to friendship and goodwill , Celebration of the simple joys  and the Promise that “ This too shall pass and light will fill our lives “.





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