Unfolding my mind

6 Nov

Sunday afternoons – synonymous with sumptuous meals and siesta ; and yet  this Sunday found me fidgety , restless and looking out for something interesting to do.

The rest of the day that lay before me promised to be one of those sticky kinds – no good to man or beast.

Moping around isn’t my style and so I resolved to take the bull by the horns ….figure out something that would  metamorphosise my  day .

My reverie was interrupted by a piece of paper that flew in through my window – bright green and dazzling in the sun.  A few folds and I had transformed this square piece of paper into a cheeky looking frog.  The joy of transmuting ordinary paper into whatever  takes your fancy is a heady feeling. The effect was magical. My moodiness left me , to be succeeded by a sense of excitement. I had finally found a way by which I could be extricated from the routine.

Getting some paper and an old book on this ancient Japanese art I sat to work .

Brilliantly coloured paper , delicate shades of pink and blue and grey all came to life as I followed the step by step instructions from  my origami book. Folding and creating  three dimensional majestic sailboats and penguins kept me absorbed  for hours which both excited and entertained me.

To me a piece of paper usually meant I had to draw or write on it …..but here I was immersed in an inherently relaxing activity where my being creatively gifted  was  not mandatory.

This ancient art, A miracle from a sheet of paper; I wondered what it meant to me- A challenge , Relaxation or  a means to unfold my mind.

Whatever it may be, I thoroughly approved of this fineness of feeling. For it had left me sitting on top of the world.





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