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You’re the one for me

16 Nov

Looking for the “Perfect Partner”. –   Movies and Fiction make us believe that there is a “one and only one “ somewhere out there and so we wait expectantly to lock eyes with the right person across a crowded room and then head off hand in hand into the sunset

While all of us are seeking with diligence that “special someone” yet , is there that “perfect person “ out there ?????

Walking through memory lane I ask myself – is there a “right” person or just different shades of “wrong”??

As I begin to watch couples around me I realize that each one of us is “wrong “ in some way  and have partners who are “wrong” in a complementary way.

It definitely takes some maturity and living to understand our “wrongness” completely.

Its only when we are completely aware of our shortcomings – “ our inner demons” ; the ones that make us the individual we truly are , that we are ready to find that someone with whom we are contemplating life’s journey.  Only then will we be able to figure out what we are looking for.

As I sit by my window watching the large ocean waves surging , plunging and then collapsing  against the coastline I realize that all of us are looking for the “wrong “ person . Not any “wrong “ person but the right “wrong “ person whose flaws complement ours  admirably.  Someone you can be completely frustrated with and yet lovingly gaze upon and say – “This is one predicament I want to have !”

Raising a toast to each one of us who have found the “love of our lives”  who is “wrong” , but in just  the “right “ way

Deepawali- dazzling the spirit

14 Nov


Standing by my window, I look at the night sky- dark and desolate. Its Amavasya ( no moon day ).

All around its anything but bleak or dreary. Every home is lit up with numerous little diyas- tiny Indian earthen lamps, half filled with oil , with a flame that vociferously attempts to fill every  space around it with  light.

Dispelling the darkness and moving upwards this tiny flame fills my heart with hope . Hope from a thousand darknesses. Hope that renews and rejuvenates.

In the distance I watch a lady light an array of lamps with the flame from one lamp . Is this what is spoken of as paramjyoti ?

My reverie is broken by the laughter and shrieks of children and adults alike. Fireworks- An integral part of the celebration. I decide to go down and be a part of their merriment. In the case of fireworks only one principle applies – The louder the better ; Its all about the BANG !

As the night sky lights up with bursts of yellow , green and red and the noise of a thousand firecrackers reverberate around me , I try to put my mind off  words like  “eco friendly, pollution etc “ The place feels like a mini war zone with smoke all around but no one seems to mind. Entire families are here. Kapoor dadaji has got along his armchair, plonked himself at a strategic location  and is shouting out safety instructions to excited children;  Mrs  Modi  seems to be taking care that the kids have enough pepsi and chocolates. .  All look relaxed with a full stomach and a happy heart. As the kids run around recklessly  dodging rockets and sparklers and shouting “Connection”, I decide to go home and tuck into a warm Gulab Jamun.

Its past midnight now , I am back at the window . There is a soothing glow all around me. Houses  are dotted with lamps that line the windowsill.

Whether they are the Chinese tea lights that come with the “long-lasting “ promise or  fancy shaped candles or the humble earthen diya – that upward obdurate flame  is to me the spirit of the Deepawali- Reaffirmation of hope , Renewed commitment to friendship and goodwill , Celebration of the simple joys  and the Promise that “ This too shall pass and light will fill our lives “.




Unfolding my mind

6 Nov

Sunday afternoons – synonymous with sumptuous meals and siesta ; and yet  this Sunday found me fidgety , restless and looking out for something interesting to do.

The rest of the day that lay before me promised to be one of those sticky kinds – no good to man or beast.

Moping around isn’t my style and so I resolved to take the bull by the horns ….figure out something that would  metamorphosise my  day .

My reverie was interrupted by a piece of paper that flew in through my window – bright green and dazzling in the sun.  A few folds and I had transformed this square piece of paper into a cheeky looking frog.  The joy of transmuting ordinary paper into whatever  takes your fancy is a heady feeling. The effect was magical. My moodiness left me , to be succeeded by a sense of excitement. I had finally found a way by which I could be extricated from the routine.

Getting some paper and an old book on this ancient Japanese art I sat to work .

Brilliantly coloured paper , delicate shades of pink and blue and grey all came to life as I followed the step by step instructions from  my origami book. Folding and creating  three dimensional majestic sailboats and penguins kept me absorbed  for hours which both excited and entertained me.

To me a piece of paper usually meant I had to draw or write on it …..but here I was immersed in an inherently relaxing activity where my being creatively gifted  was  not mandatory.

This ancient art, A miracle from a sheet of paper; I wondered what it meant to me- A challenge , Relaxation or  a means to unfold my mind.

Whatever it may be, I thoroughly approved of this fineness of feeling. For it had left me sitting on top of the world.