The Annoying people in my life

27 Oct


“Lets meet up “  its my favourite line .We are a bunch of fun people ; meet up whenever we can and  exchange notes on what each of us have perceived over the week.

Images of  unending cups of tea and samosas , laughter and serious discussions flit through my mind…..only to be rudely interrupted by the thought of a certain someone

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go anymore. Every time I try to ignore her or shut her out ……she  entrenches herself a little more deeply into my mind .  She is one of those  who guffaws at almost everything, passes subtle slimy remarks, bitches about anyone who is not present and HAS to be at the center of every conversation.

Without sounding kinda nasty I must admit that I have secretly harboured thoughts of duct taping her mouth or  putting a giant helmet onto her face…….momentary highs……..but my lil brain clldnt seem to  ‘zone  her out ‘

The more evolved part of my brain said there had to be a way to tune out this annoyance ….ignore I couldn’t do – am not a male ; so then what else …….

The next few days saw my grey cells in a constant flurry…………. buzzing with thoughts and ideas…..thats when – Eureka !!! it came to me …..just outside my window was this really loud parrot –squawking its heart away. The more I looked at it …I knew what I had to do.

And that’s just what I did ……..Friday evening was coffee n chat  ……. news and gossip filled the room , each time I looked at her ……a small smile crossed my face ….cause I could see what no other could …..the squawking parrot. She ceased to exist ……instead of her I could see the parrot …..she was no longer irksome; if u are a parrot I guess you are meant to have an annoying squawk.

I was ecstatic……I had found an ingenious way to keep my cool. Every time someone really painful comes my way …..All I need to do is – say to myself …..’Now who could you be” sometimes I see myself looking at a walrus head at other times an asses head……..haven’t found myself so patient in a long time.

Travelling through the animal kingdom in this manner is great amusement too. Wonder what the animals would have to say to that



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