Night time Snacking

19 Oct



Night time snacking

Unhealthy ……is the first word that screams out of magazines. But is that really so ? \

As I read my favourite book ….a slab of chocolate adds to the’ feel good ‘ effect… ….i am  not depressed or lonely …..i just like the taste of rich chocolate intermingled with the idiosyncrasies of Wooster .

After the days travails ….what better way to meditate .

Is it a habit or r you hungry ?  Put a sign on the kitchen that says “closed “, Eat mindfully ……..all advices from well-meaning friends.

To me that slab of chocolate represents the free spirited me , carefree  and buoyant  someone so different from what I am through  the day- where the need to achieve , impress and inspire catapults me to a different space.

Night time snacking allows my “inner child”…… have fun and to be heard

. So ide rather refer to this night activity as – Self-Nurturing





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