A time to fret

19 Oct

Its 10 pm …….my official “worry time “of the day.

Sounds kind of weird …..but it works for me.

A fixed time and place to worry……gives me the rest of the day to be productive and happy.

No amount of reasoning with myself eases the worry worm within me; and so I decided I’d dedicate some time to it everyday.
Its worked for me – come 10 pm …I go sit on my favourite chair and think only negative thoughts. No struggle here- I allow my thoughts to flow. Spending time ruminating on negative thoughts makes me feel like am problem solving.

The words “stop worrying “ doesn’t  apply to me …..i need to let all my thought run through my mind; but then that sometimes keeps me running around in circles……… That’s when I figured that delaying this unproductive enterprise actually makes me feel in control of my thoughts.

Thirty minutes is all the time I give myself to indulge in topics from my worry basket. Thoughts whiz past the windows of my mind … ….and just for that time I indulge in all of them.
So now ……..whether its about being chased by a shark ,the soaring prices of vegetables or the different strains of malaria ,they all have a stipulated length of time to occupy my mind …….after which they are skillfully pushed aside .

Wonder if this is why zebras don’t have ulcers while dogs that stay around us ….sometimes do.

Point to ponder about ………….


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