into the unknown

16 Oct


Na hum tum
Chalein tedhe medhe se raston pe nange paanv re
Chal bhatak le na baawre

Na hum tum
Phire jaa ke almast pehchani rahon ke pare
Chal bhatak le na baawre


Do we …….ever leave our” safe haven”……..move out onto those unchartered roads beyond the boundaries we set for ourselves.

Are we then addicted to the familiar? Do they make us feel secure ?

To me  my comfort zone is anything but comfortable….and yet when I move beyond the familiar , there is a strange tension …something like the pulling on a rubber band- a sense of disquiet ……..and instinctively I move back ……my life being metaphorically encircled by my shirking the anxiety of moving into the unfamiliar

How do I make this disquiet my ally.make peace with those awkward moments of discomfort….move through it with grace  so that I can pat myself on the back for being able to redecorate my mind

So as the rains give way to the heat of October its me with a renewed spirit –

its spontaneity over security:

The unknown over the routine :

Challenge myself a little

……….so I can also feel that special blend of terror and exhilaration as I watch my greatness emerge.






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