14 Oct

Last Sunday while Listening to my favorite radio station FM 104 , I was rudely interrupted by music from an unknown station. My radio though set at 104 was now beginning to resonate with a stronger signal that was in its proximity.

As I  waited patiently for my station to get back my thoughts  went back to the many times  I felt this strange but strong pull that affected my vibrational frequency.

“This relationship drains me out , this music lifts my spirits , that smell reminds me of home” all vibrations that lift me or pull me down.

Resonance ……It’s like rhythm……  two frequency waves lock together.  Both  oscillate together at the same frequency. The resulting wave is a combination of the two original waves: .like the tick tock swing of the pendulum  of various clocks moving in complete unison. Total Harmony.

The longer lasting and deeper the experience of this harmony – the more ecstatic we become… kites grabbing the wind at the right moment.

At other times one frequency completely envelops the other , storms over it ….the weaker bruised. For a while one still hears a note or two in between…….finally completely silenced

For now I want to be that child on the swing – learning when to push forwards and when to lean backwards, trying and trying again till I get the “ right feel” ,  resonating with the universe, in harmony with the rhythm of the swing…………which slowly begins to be both my guide and my goal

As I move myself to being a part of this cosmic concert …I feel that resonance everywhere and notice how all of us want to be a part of that harmony


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