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The Annoying people in my life

27 Oct


“Lets meet up “  its my favourite line .We are a bunch of fun people ; meet up whenever we can and  exchange notes on what each of us have perceived over the week.

Images of  unending cups of tea and samosas , laughter and serious discussions flit through my mind…..only to be rudely interrupted by the thought of a certain someone

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go anymore. Every time I try to ignore her or shut her out ……she  entrenches herself a little more deeply into my mind .  She is one of those  who guffaws at almost everything, passes subtle slimy remarks, bitches about anyone who is not present and HAS to be at the center of every conversation.

Without sounding kinda nasty I must admit that I have secretly harboured thoughts of duct taping her mouth or  putting a giant helmet onto her face…….momentary highs……..but my lil brain clldnt seem to  ‘zone  her out ‘

The more evolved part of my brain said there had to be a way to tune out this annoyance ….ignore I couldn’t do – am not a male ; so then what else …….

The next few days saw my grey cells in a constant flurry…………. buzzing with thoughts and ideas…..thats when – Eureka !!! it came to me …..just outside my window was this really loud parrot –squawking its heart away. The more I looked at it …I knew what I had to do.

And that’s just what I did ……..Friday evening was coffee n chat  ……. news and gossip filled the room , each time I looked at her ……a small smile crossed my face ….cause I could see what no other could …..the squawking parrot. She ceased to exist ……instead of her I could see the parrot …..she was no longer irksome; if u are a parrot I guess you are meant to have an annoying squawk.

I was ecstatic……I had found an ingenious way to keep my cool. Every time someone really painful comes my way …..All I need to do is – say to myself …..’Now who could you be” sometimes I see myself looking at a walrus head at other times an asses head……..haven’t found myself so patient in a long time.

Travelling through the animal kingdom in this manner is great amusement too. Wonder what the animals would have to say to that


Night time Snacking

19 Oct



Night time snacking

Unhealthy ……is the first word that screams out of magazines. But is that really so ? \

As I read my favourite book ….a slab of chocolate adds to the’ feel good ‘ effect… ….i am  not depressed or lonely …..i just like the taste of rich chocolate intermingled with the idiosyncrasies of Wooster .

After the days travails ….what better way to meditate .

Is it a habit or r you hungry ?  Put a sign on the kitchen that says “closed “, Eat mindfully ……..all advices from well-meaning friends.

To me that slab of chocolate represents the free spirited me , carefree  and buoyant  someone so different from what I am through  the day- where the need to achieve , impress and inspire catapults me to a different space.

Night time snacking allows my “inner child”…… have fun and to be heard

. So ide rather refer to this night activity as – Self-Nurturing




A time to fret

19 Oct

Its 10 pm …….my official “worry time “of the day.

Sounds kind of weird …..but it works for me.

A fixed time and place to worry……gives me the rest of the day to be productive and happy.

No amount of reasoning with myself eases the worry worm within me; and so I decided I’d dedicate some time to it everyday.
Its worked for me – come 10 pm …I go sit on my favourite chair and think only negative thoughts. No struggle here- I allow my thoughts to flow. Spending time ruminating on negative thoughts makes me feel like am problem solving.

The words “stop worrying “ doesn’t  apply to me …..i need to let all my thought run through my mind; but then that sometimes keeps me running around in circles……… That’s when I figured that delaying this unproductive enterprise actually makes me feel in control of my thoughts.

Thirty minutes is all the time I give myself to indulge in topics from my worry basket. Thoughts whiz past the windows of my mind … ….and just for that time I indulge in all of them.
So now ……..whether its about being chased by a shark ,the soaring prices of vegetables or the different strains of malaria ,they all have a stipulated length of time to occupy my mind …….after which they are skillfully pushed aside .

Wonder if this is why zebras don’t have ulcers while dogs that stay around us ….sometimes do.

Point to ponder about ………….

into the unknown

16 Oct


Na hum tum
Chalein tedhe medhe se raston pe nange paanv re
Chal bhatak le na baawre

Na hum tum
Phire jaa ke almast pehchani rahon ke pare
Chal bhatak le na baawre


Do we …….ever leave our” safe haven”……..move out onto those unchartered roads beyond the boundaries we set for ourselves.

Are we then addicted to the familiar? Do they make us feel secure ?

To me  my comfort zone is anything but comfortable….and yet when I move beyond the familiar , there is a strange tension …something like the pulling on a rubber band- a sense of disquiet ……..and instinctively I move back ……my life being metaphorically encircled by my shirking the anxiety of moving into the unfamiliar

How do I make this disquiet my ally.make peace with those awkward moments of discomfort….move through it with grace  so that I can pat myself on the back for being able to redecorate my mind

So as the rains give way to the heat of October its me with a renewed spirit –

its spontaneity over security:

The unknown over the routine :

Challenge myself a little

……….so I can also feel that special blend of terror and exhilaration as I watch my greatness emerge.






14 Oct

Last Sunday while Listening to my favorite radio station FM 104 , I was rudely interrupted by music from an unknown station. My radio though set at 104 was now beginning to resonate with a stronger signal that was in its proximity.

As I  waited patiently for my station to get back my thoughts  went back to the many times  I felt this strange but strong pull that affected my vibrational frequency.

“This relationship drains me out , this music lifts my spirits , that smell reminds me of home” all vibrations that lift me or pull me down.

Resonance ……It’s like rhythm……  two frequency waves lock together.  Both  oscillate together at the same frequency. The resulting wave is a combination of the two original waves: .like the tick tock swing of the pendulum  of various clocks moving in complete unison. Total Harmony.

The longer lasting and deeper the experience of this harmony – the more ecstatic we become… kites grabbing the wind at the right moment.

At other times one frequency completely envelops the other , storms over it ….the weaker bruised. For a while one still hears a note or two in between…….finally completely silenced

For now I want to be that child on the swing – learning when to push forwards and when to lean backwards, trying and trying again till I get the “ right feel” ,  resonating with the universe, in harmony with the rhythm of the swing…………which slowly begins to be both my guide and my goal

As I move myself to being a part of this cosmic concert …I feel that resonance everywhere and notice how all of us want to be a part of that harmony

Being Nice

14 Oct

“You are too nice “ my friend said

.She almost had a look of contempt on her face.
“ Is that good or bad” I asked …….she looked at me disdainfully.

“ What you need is to be wickedly smart , uber confident, fiercely competitive if you want to get noticed “she continued..

Looking back I wondered what “being nice “means? Being a wimp??

Is niceness then mistaken for weakness?Being nice almost sounds like an insult.

Am not sure ……niceness is sure getting confusing …it seems to be getting pushed into the realms of stupidity

So whats it going to be – Step aside Mr Nice guy…..its time for the Angry bird

Hello world!

14 Oct

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Happy blogging!